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Diversity Score

This free 100-point score shows you how diverse your company is as compared to national averages, by looking at your employees’ gender and ethnicity.

Check your company's diversity score
Calculate your ethnic and gender breakdown over time. Compare to industry and national averages
Directly source candidates from minority backgrounds by using industry-leading diversity filters

Candidate Sourcing

Enhance candidate sourcing with our specialized diversity filters.

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Inclustion tracking.

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Our story

Portrait of Chuka Ikokwu, Co-founder and CEO of Divercity

Back in 2006, I was hired by an all-white company. As their first black employee, I immediately felt quadruple the pressure that someone with my level of experience would normally feel. I was eventually laid off without cause, a rude awakening to the inequity in the workplace for people of color and women. For the next decade, I would go on to work in Silicon Valley, often as one of the only persons of color in my workplace. It wasn't hard to notice the lack of gender and ethnic diversity, especially in tech roles.

In 2017, my conviction to solve this problem culminated in Divercity.io, an HR-tech tool aimed at diversifying tech by helping companies measure their diversity rates and connect with underrepresented talent.

Many companies want to change this, and we want to help them.

Now we're on track to becoming one of the most trusted sources for diversity measurement and the largest underrepresented professional network in the world! With thousands of users, companies, and jobs we are just getting started and would love for you to join us in this mission.

Chuka Ikokwu

Co-founder & CEO of Divercity

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