Accelerating tech’s transition to a diverse and inclusive industry

About us

We are an agile, nimble, and very diverse small team looking to make a big change in the world by closing the diversity gap in the workforce and by simplifying access to underrepresented talent.

Our mission

Mission Statement: Divercity is a diversity and inclusion hiring platform that helps forward-thinking companies and recruiters find and connect with diverse candidates. Our mission is to demystify and solve the diversity hiring gap in the tech industry and to bring more equity and inclusion to it through a combination of community, relationships, and artificial technology.

Our team

We pride ourselves on extreme ownership in our disciplines and encourage a lot of learning and communication. More importantly, we strongly believe that everyone on the team has an equitable voice and would love to hear yours as much as possible.

Divercity team by numbers

By ethnicity

East Asian
South Asian

By gender

  • Chuka Ikokwu

    Co-Founder and CEO

    Chuka Ikokwu

    Co-Founder and CEO

  • Gil Ferreira

    Chief Technology Officer

    Gil Ferreira

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Joanna Pyra

    Head of Design

    Joanna Pyra

    Head of Design

  • Guhan Sundar

    Head of Marketing

    Guhan Sundar

    Head of Marketing

  • Vida Powell

    Head of People Ops

    Vida Powell

    Head of People Ops

  • Celena Zeng

    People Ops Specialist

    Celena Zeng

    People Ops Specialist

  • Christina McCalmont

    Technical Recruiter

    Christina McCalmont

    Technical Recruiter

  • Miku Koach

    UI Designer

    Miku Koach

    UI Designer

  • Leena Abdelrahim

    Content Manager

    Leena Abdelrahim

    Content Manager

  • Femi Lawal

    Full-Stack Developer

    Femi Lawal

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Karen Diaz

    Full-Stack Developer

    Karen Diaz

    Full-Stack Developer

  • Samson Okaludo

    Full-Stack Developer

    Samson Okaludo

    Full-Stack Developer

Our values (D.E.C.R.I.P.T.T)

  • Diversity

    We believe in fostering diverse teams as all perspectives, cultures, and demographics matter

  • Equity

    Everyone is equal and entitled to whatever opportunities they aspire to regardless of demographics

  • Conviction

    We believe in folks working on what they can relate with and feeling connected to the mission

  • Resourcefulness

    We believe in being wise with funds and also having fun at the same time

  • Inclusion

    All perspectives matter, everyone has a voice, and we want to make sure everyone feels heard

  • Perfection

    We believe in not cutting corners and in putting great world-class products out there

  • Teamwork

    Teamwork makes the dream work and there is no “I” in team as we are the sum of all our parts

  • Turn Up

    We believe life is too short and that we need to have fun and enjoy our team and the work we do!

A message from our founder

Back in 2006, I was the first black person ever hired by an all-white company. Immediately, I felt quadruple the pressure that someone with my level of experience would normally feel. I was eventually laid off without cause, a rude awakening to the inequity in the workplace for people of color and women. For the next decade, I would go on to work in Silicon Valley, often as one of the only persons of color in my workplace.

In 2017, my conviction to solve this problem culminated in, an HR-tech tool aimed at diversifying tech by helping companies measure their diversity rates and connect with underrepresented talent.

Many companies want to change this, and we want to help them.

Now we're on track to becoming one of the most trusted sources for diversity measurement and the largest underrepresented professional network in the world! With thousands of users, companies, and jobs we are just getting started and would love for you to join us in this mission.

Chuka Ikokwu

Co-founder & CEO of Divercity

Let us recruit for your company

Our recruiting team comprises a dozen diversity-minded recruiting professionals with many decades of combined experience in the tech industry. The team specializes in finding, screening, and placing underrepresented talent including BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), women, LGBTQIA2S+, and other marginalized professionals in the tech industry.

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Successful candidates stories

“Divercity was wonderful to work with throughout the process. Chuka was very communicative and always let me know the status of my candidacy at every stage of the process. Definitely much more in detail than any other company/recruiter I’ve worked with in the past. Will highly recommend them!”

Narubi Martinez
Product Marketing Manager at Jam City

“Working with Divercity was an absolute pleasure as they kept me in the loop every step of the way, and also more importantly, they made sure I got everything I wanted! I definitely would work with the team at Divercity again and I highly recommend using their services.”

Ola Sotoye
Lead Data Analyst at LTSE
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Our services

Divercity is driven by its mission to solve the diversity problem in tech. We do this by providing recruiting and diversity measurement tools to empower companies to connect with underrepresented talent.

What our partners say

Companies that value diversity use Divercity

“We have an amazing partnership with Chuka and the fantastic team at It began when I was introduced to Chuka at my last company, Amplitude, and it has continued here at Thumbtack. He and his team of dedicated, talented, and passionate professionals help us work towards meeting our DE&I hiring needs.”

Vince Walker
Global Head of Recruiting at Thumbtack

“Divercity has been an amazing staffing partner to Jam City over the last couple years. They always send us thoroughly vetted, high quality, diverse talent. We are so grateful for their services and the amazing new additions to our Jam City family by way of Divercity!”

Chelsea Robbins
Lead Technical Recruiter at Jam City
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Careers at Divercity

Come join our diverse team in our mission to create a more equitable tech industry.